Thomas Lundberg, CEO, CrosskeyThomas Lundberg, CEO
Mobility and digitalization coupled with the demand for open, secure, and personalized banking experiences are the key drivers for the adoption of innovative financial technology within the banking industry. Banks are now looking to team up with fintech companies to yield new and better ways of banking with their customers. In order to realize the full potential of innovative fintech applications, what matters most to banks today is an open banking system that can help with integration and development of new products and services through the use of APIs.

This is precisely where Crosskey marks its presence in the Nordic region by providing a new lane to the banking industry by enabling a fruitful collaboration with fintech companies through their forward-thinking technology and innovative open banking solutions.

“We implemented open banking strategy seven years back even before there was any talk about PSD2 or open banking,” remarks Thomas Lundberg, CEO of Crosskey. As a part of their open banking strategy, Crosskey took a strategic decision to tailor its systems to support open banking concepts and later developed a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, PSD2-compliant open banking integration module. “With our open banking solution, banks can access several other banks’ APIs and collaborate with third-party developers to build various banking applications and services,” explains Lundberg.
By adopting Crosskey’s open banking strategy, banks can add more modules, integrate with other stakeholders in the financial markets, build processes that are unique, and generate higher revenue. Crosskey’s open systems are built on a “step by step” integration model, making it possible for customers to implement certain modules from the company’s portfolio as the first step and add more as they go along. For instance, the Swedish savings app Dreams is a collaboration between Crosskey’s customer Ålandsbanken and Dreams, a fully digital financial service provider in Sweden. Within the cooperation framework, Crosskey integrated already in 2016 the Dreams’ application with the Ålandsbanken banking system, which Crosskey has developed. This made Crosskey among one of the few in the Nordic markets to have effective integrations with renowned fintech players and was a pioneer back in 2016.

With our open banking solution, banks can access several APIs and collaborate with third-party developers to build various banking applications and services

Crosskey’s open banking platform offered as software-as-a-service enables customers to pick and choose specific components as and when they need. The company today has over three million end users using their bank systems’ databases and peaks daily above 1.5 million monetary transactions per hour.

Elaborating on the effectiveness of Crosskey’s banking platform, Lundberg cites a case study where S Group, a Finnish retailing cooperative organization wanted to launch a bank in Finland. The business-critical nature of the task demanded a partner with a deep understanding of core banking, and a system with the stability to handle large volumes of transactions. Since S Group was starting its banking business from scratch with the launch of S-Pankki, a retail bank, Crosskey proved to be the ideal choice to tailor a system that closely matched their business needs. Crosskey’s banking products delivered support for customer management, deposits, loans, payments, and business products, with online banking as the primary channel. “We also have a proven track record of helping a Swedish startup bank implement a banking solution within five months,” extols Lundberg.

To deliver banking experiences that align with current digitally driven businesses, Crosskey not only offers PSD2- products but also supports areas outside basic PSD2 scope such as capital markets, credit cards and/or other parts of banking through an exceptional “aggregator” module.

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